Millions of these gnus join forces annually to participate in one huge migration – always with luscious grass in their sights. Roaring, snorting, bucking, continuously reproductive en route, they head west – across the Serengeti from Tanzania to Kenya and back. With a large variety of animals in their wake – friend and foe: zebra families that resemble pale flotsam in a dark ocean amidst the gnu herds; or lions, and hyaenas in hope of their next victims. Along their way, they encounter hippopotami and crocodiles – and all of them embroiled in the cycle of “devour and be devoured”. The filmmakers follow the artiodactyls, armed with their cameras and lay in wait on the so-called “birthing meadow”. There, in the world’s largest maternity room, 250.000 calves will be born within the next three weeks. The journey from there to the pasture regions of Kenya is especially dangerous for young animals – and here the film also illustrates nature’s harshness. And then there is the “revenge of the gnus”, something that Vita and Rolf Köster have become acquainted with. The two filmmakers gained unusual access to the world’s most famous game reserve whilst shooting their film in search of the even-toed animals.

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  1. It is so amazing what God has created and Earth all in all. Thank you for this documentary. This makes me want to go to Africa and witness this wilderness. Amazing documentary.

  2. I just hate them African theme intros. Makes me feel like I'm watching that Lion King garbage, or watching some democrat political clip on tv.

  3. I thought we'd all pretty much agreed on the pronunciation of zeeeebra. And while we're at it, let's go ahead and dispense with the ass backward metric system. No one who matters knows what the fuck a kilogram and kilometer is.

  4. Superb combination of human and gods creation we are able to see in our rooms with so much of facilities and without any danger… I thank my Almighty 😇👌

  5. Awesome, great camerawork, the clarity and great sense of humor in the commentary. Sofar the best. Wish you much success in your next endeavors and I hope you will share them as well. 🍾🥂or 🍻🍹

  6. these documents. have to be vetted before showing them in  classroom setting. The deviants that make them find it necessary to include animal sex scenes.

  7. DAMM!!! @ 6:12 the narrator said "the herd stretches out to maybe 40 km in length". I don't know a thing about this mode of metrics, being from the U.S. but that''s not my point. Point is I did a conversion between km's and miles. 40km comes out to 24.8 MILES!!! Now THAT is a tremendous amount of animals!!!

  8. I remember when Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom was as best as we had it. Ol' Marlin Perkins: "While Jim sticks his head in the hungry crocodile's mouth, let me talk to you about insurance".

  9. Loved it! The commentary was also great, with some humor thrown in. I wonder what a safari like THAT would cost an average person. A mere sleeping bag wouldn't do for a priss like myself! Of course, in this case. whomever is sponsoring the filming of this great migration is picking up the tab.


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