Tony Robinson’s Romans: Nero (Ancient Rome Documentary) | Timeline

Tony Robinson’s Romans series continues as he examines the life of Nero.

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  1. being an artist does not redeem an evil reputation for arts do not ennoble, despite all the claptrap talked which says it does, after all Henry VIII was a talented musician and half way competent composer. Heydrich was a violinist in a string quartet who adored music and killed jews for a living and Stalin loved Mozart

  2. Nero MUST have been evil to have the ability to play an instrument that was 1500 years yet to be invented.

  3. When Tim Robbins would do a documentary on Augustus? I really like this new series that he is doing, even that I have say that it little superficial compared to a Youtuber called Historia Civilis.

  4. Evil wrapped in mental fragility is still evil. Trying to rewrite history by accusing them of propaganda is propaganda. This video is pure stupidity.

  5. Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus committed matricide and suicide. Well ,it is said that all political careers end in failure.

  6. Nero……he was a very, very naughty boy, but, misunderstood in many ways. He was not cut-out for ultimate power, he was an artist by nature. Power corrupts. Thanks for all of these superb documentaries. Cheers.


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