Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History – Part 10

My attempt at making a documentary showcasing the life of Christian Weston Chandler, as comprehensively and entertainingly as possible.
Part X begins with Aunt Corrina’s funeral and concludes with Robert Simmons V’s church visit.
Highly encourage all to visit and support the cwcki, which was extensively used during my research. The admins of the aforementioned site are a swell bunch of folks.

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  1. Chris-Chan should have stopped his "love quest" a long time ago, it only brings him pain and misery. The trolls are awful, the only thing they doing is making Chris-Chan crazier.

  2. Ok, nobody on planet earth deserves that kind of treatment. But at the same time, at no point did Chris say,
    "You know what Max, why do you sound almost exactly like Julie?"
    There's being oblivious, and then there's just.. seriously Chris?
    How did it take you that long to figure that out?! I'm sorry, but that's Shakespeare levels of tragedy.

  3. this one is even worse. I couldn't sit thru the chat recording. this max dude is such a pussy. he actually is getting off on fucking with a autistic person. it is pathetic…the only person he could bully is something like chris…total scum

  4. Honestly I feel really bad for bluespike just imagining what could drive him to push this so far

  5. You might be justified to be mad. But yelling at the guy who holds your account isn't really the smart thing to do Chris-Chan. They could've literally sold it and just not tell him.

  6. Chris Chan is irredeemable, no doubt about it. But I can’t help but think about how he probably wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if the trolls hadn’t terrorized him so mercilessly. They’re just as horrible, if not worse, as he is.

  7. I don't like Chris either but the trolls are the most pathetic people in this story. That 13 year old asshole of a kid was really proud that he was able to troll a high-functioning-low-IQ autistic man-child. Wow what an accomplishment.

  8. I think the main thing this documentary series shows is the inhumanity of angry virgins.
    But it's not Chris

  9. These trolls are sadder than Christian honestly picking on someone that is mentally and developmentally handicapped and barely knows what he is doing online just to fuel your own ego goddamn

  10. I can at least get behind Clyde's motives of getting Chris to be more sociable and taking responsibility for his actions (both past and present) and stop blaming autism for such. That BlueSpike though…..jeezus Christ, that kid has some parental issues. He feels like that kind of person that would dress up as a girl and have sex with Chris just to take his own agenda even further just to come out to say "ha! you had sex with a 13 year old boy!"

    That's also the thing why I've distanced myself from Christianity. Some people are just complete devotes and it gets annoying. Chris is naive, dumb, and he's not learning from his mistakes. 3 times has it been that he's been fooled by boys pretending to be girls to get him to do what they want? It's alright to fantasize about women you like but Chris didn't have to make it apparent of whom the woman he's attracted to. You don't design a character who looks like Megan then name her "Megan". As far getting people's information and spreading it out, trolls are taking it too far. I know you want him to see the era of his ways but some shit you're doing is over the top. I can make fun of DarkSydePhil because he's an asshole but not really Chris. I would bring up that "what he's doing is wrong". I'm fine with him trying to make his own series. I'm not exactly a fan of him using pre-existing franchises to gain stardom (Sonichu being a mix of SEGA's Sonic and Nintendo's Pokemon Pikachu). I'd encourage him to make something more original. He makes figurines. Something I'm not good at.

  11. Honestly, this series is one of the best documentaries on the internet and probably just any documentary at all, you put in a lot of effort, so thank you.

  12. Geno, I'd love you to know that I'm super appreciative that you put this much effort in making this documentary. I especially love that your voice is neat to listen to. Never stop breathing, please. ( ◞・౪・)

  13. The life of Chris Chan has some morals in it. Raise your child the opposite of how the Chandlers raised Chris, teach them to not use autism as an excuse, and teach them boundaries. When I have children, I'm definitely showing this videos to teach them how never to act and the consequences for acting this way. I'm sure these videos will encourage them to be hard working.

  14. I don't think an apology is enough to absolve bluespike of his sins. I don't wish harm on him but shit he deserves it. I'm sure he's matured since then but all this was too much.

  15. Max isn't funny, he's just a kid trying to appeal to the adult trolls by being as mean as possible and the adult trolls realize just how much of a shithead he is.

  16. I don't exactly sympathize with Chris and his actions, but god damn, Max is a disgusting fucking punk. Trolling someone for shits and giggles is one thing (even though a lot of them took it too far), but this kid tormented him so much, he's psychotic.

  17. What!? I didn't even see this get uploaded, I got lucky enough that this just autoplayed after my last video.

    Very unrelated to the last video, but I'm not complaining.


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