World War II Secret Nazi Weapons | Military History Documentary

World War II Secret Nazi Weapons | Military History Documentary Revisiting The Normandy Landings WW2 Event | D Day Sunken Secrets | Military Documentary Channel. WORLD WAR 2 NORMANDY LANDINGS D-DAY .

World War II Secret Nazi Weapons | Military History Documentary Wunderwaffe (German pronunciation: [ˈvʊndɐˌvafə]) is German for wonder-weapon and was .

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  1. Great documentary but I believe the first troops on the ground and the first casualties were the British at Pegasus bridge, am I wrong?

  2. Dieppe … it's insulting that it was an Allied operation and an Allied loss. Sure there was some British Commandos and a handful of US Army Rangers with them. The 60% casualties were incurred by the Canadian Army. To downplay it, as usual, ignores Canada's massive contribution to the overall war effort. We earned our D-Day beach at Dieppe. Pro Rege et Patria.

  3. Dieppt was NOT a dry run for D-Day!!! that whole operation was a Pinch operation, its sole purpose was to capture one of the new Enigma machines (4 rotor) because the Nazi's had switched to the 2nd gen and left the Allies in the dark no longer able to decipher their codes and as the only thing that really scared churchill during that war was the U-Boats (rightfully so) they were willing to through countless resources into a suicide mission in order to get one. Sadly because of the wartime secrecy and sealing of files only a handful of the men who survived ever got the chance to find out their friends and fellow soldiers did not die in vain it was not a failed mission in that the bulk of the soldiers true mission was as a diversion for the small spec opts team attempting to pinch an enigma machine. if it had worked it would have saved many lives but as it was the people at bletchley park ended up breaking the code a short while later as a matter of luck I believe

  4. Click bait! This is D-Day not nazi weapons. So damn annoying. I came here to see secret nazi weapons and ended up looking at an old D-day documentary I've already seen. I noticed after about 10 minutes and a few ads! Argh…

  5. Its weird they used a modern day Canadian flag back in the WWII war room map, before the modern day flag was ever in use.

  6. Cuz of these fucken Americans the world is ran by evil Jews. Germany was the only country that wanted peace in this world but the Jews wanted war because no war = no money. For people that's don't believe this are brainwashed just as I once was and believe the German we're the evil ones

  7. couldn't watch more than five minutes because of the bl**dy annoying nonstop music. I was going to call it background but it WASN'T!

  8. good documentary I feel sorry for americans and british can not forget Canadians who died so we could have are freedom I salute all nations for there bravery,hopefully it will never happen again.

  9. Hitler to rid Rothschild-Zionist from destroying Germany, shipped German Jews and their wealth to Palestine. This Rothschild Zionist 'Transfer Agreement' lasted from years 1933 until 1940-41, ceasing because of WWll, the remaining shipped to Labor Camps >>>


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