Kony? What about America’s war criminals?

On March 5, the Kony 2012 video was posted on YouTube. Four days after its implantation by the group Invisible Children, the documentary has gone viral and has received millions of hits in hardly any time. The film that has blown up all over the net and social media sites has many folks talking. The collective that produced the film aims to make Joseph Kony infamous for his long-occurring crimes in an effort to bring him to justice. So after all these years, why should we care about Kony? Hip-hop artist Marcel Cartier joins us for more on Kony.

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  1. The us violates more human rights in one day than most countries in one year… The US is just an imperialist country where they excuse their crimes by saying "it's the law" and where people don't matter, only whats written on paper.

  2. American don't watch the mainstream media they are brainwashing you guys believe me you dnt know what's really going on outside the states

  3. this is the smartest American guy i have ever seen he should be president he will bring peace to the world

  4. Yeah, I would buy a film about US war crimes for last decade. But I am afraid the movie would be way too long for me.

  5. US assassination drone strikes have left at least 21 people dead in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region near border with Afghanistan during the past 48 hours, Press TV reports.

    US is the WORST Evil on the earth.

  6. I think America should close up shop, and just worry about themselves! Let the world police itself for about 20 years, and watch how it will totally fuck itself up! We shouldn't be fighting in the middle east, Africa, or Asia, they can kill themselves off by themselves. And that's what would happen, no question about it!

  7. The misguided believe the advocating of US Military involvement will solve the world's issues. Marcel Cartier points out hypocritical contradictions.

    The KONY wannabe activists who are so emotionally drawn to 'do the right thing' are actively funding a Ugandan Military to further oppress their own people. A rational person would not take anything face value. Unfortunately, a well produced & sympathetic propaganda video successfully captured the hearts of millions of dumbed down robots.

  8. lmao …a generation "is" not "are" … seems like you are not that far from these retards that you are calling out 🙂

  9. Hmmm… Never head of Mr. Cartier. But being an eloquent speaker does not make someone right. Some of those made up terms were hugely distracting from the points he was trying to make,.

  10. @mp7gaming Kony is a scam retard, this is just an excuse to plunder yet another third world country for their resources. Besides, if you care so strongly about this, why don't you grow some balls and fight him yourself, or do you lack the grapes to take on a dead man?

  11. @ColdWarWarriors lol RT and Alex Jones didn't do shit I listened to some girl from Uganda why would you take RT and some fat white guys word for it?

  12. Imo RT has made some basic preparatory errors for this topic. We don't know Kony isn't a patsy yet, we haven't fully been exposed to the Uganda govt use of children soldiers too. I heard Uganda children say "rebels", which means there are potentially several anti-govt "rebels" or "war lords". Uganda govt ran, did not protect the people as well a crime! Kony happened to be Christian 2? RT usually delivers the goods, but here Kony is "guilty" implying he can be assassinated without due process.

  13. We have won folks!! the speed that we debunked and called out this Kony 2012 scam has never been seen before when you consider we took down an establishment backed and endorsed campaign, power to the people. Congrats to everyone including RT and Alex Jones for being some of the first to get a video out there calling this out.

  14. Does this guy have a major kink in his neck? Pick your head up off your shoulder and wipe the sneer from your face and people will be more apt to listen to you. Or are you to "street" for that?

  15. I'm sick of this generation that are so retarded they don't know their own language, the correct word is "infamous" not "famous", you inbred reprobates.

  16. hitler, communism, saddam, bin laden, gaddafi…… and now…. a man living in the bush somewere in DRC kony -.-…

  17. @lanastus123 I saw a movie called "machine gun preacher" a while back. Then I'd never heard of Kony or the LRA and, I didn't find the movie (machine gun preacher) to be very exciting. But this film made me think about that movie so I went back and took a second look at some of the details. Now I'm thinking it was just a precursor to Kony that flopped at the box office because it was aimed at Christians who weren't buying it.

  18. these people who made the movie kony.. are fukiin dipshits …trendys..like guys off team america movie fukin matt damon ………

  19. @mymarkis666 You can't post links on youtube. Copy and paste the titles of the videos into the youtube search bar, or copy and paste watch?v=rU_1jnrj5V after youtube.com into your address bar.


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