HoOvEr CriMinAls DoCuMenTaRy- RESPONSE (OffiCial videO)

SNOOVER KILLA !!! 52K 54K 59K 83K 92K 94K 107K 112K I put this video up cause this fat faggetk ass nigga disabled the comments so niggaS couldn’t say how much of a bitch him and all his busta ass hkomeboyz iS, so all my Nhki00d Niggkas hKit this video up aN SouNd offk on thkis faggkot aSS Niggka!!! snoover k all muthapkhkuCCiN day!!! RICHK ROLLIN or Get Ya Life StoleN We TURNT UPK CUHK!!! 52 59 74 83 92 94 107 112HK All MuthkapkuCCiN Day!!! Pkiek FaggetK Trampk Slobk!! fuCC SNOOVERS THKIS THKAT WORLD WIDE “O” GkaNgk NIGGA!!

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  1. No disrespect to Any. My bloodline from SIERRA LEONE..father MENDE and momma LIMBA. The history of gang culture is Deep…its tribal like the tribes of the Mother Land…and like the tribes of North& South America as well last European tribes CELTICS, GUALS, VISGOTHS. Its 2017 headed to 2018…..I wish I could see GOD TRIBES OF MANKIND Unify. Too much blood been sheded and not enough Progress. No Toleration.. No Solidarity makes Peace and Prosperity hard to develop. Organization needs to occur…other sub cultures in the suburbs spending time at gun range ya feel me. People stackin $, food, ammo, and repositioning self for survival. Dez yungstas need GUIDANCE niggas….dey need UNCLES, BIG BRUTHAS and Father figures to remind dem dey NUBIANS…ya feel me. If you about progress and organization.. Email me @ [email protected]gmail.com.……I creep like panther in the night…I claim my NUTS and I hope God claim me on DAT last day….ya feel me. TEXAS STAND UP! RNS WE NEED TO GET ORGANIZED….WISE UP…NEVER FOLD…10 TOES DOWN and DEFEND YOUR TOWN

  2. se what happen cuz was hoova cuz was cuz groovin cuz then cuz was like nah cuz then tookie came cuz them we became cuz


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