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‘Lions and Giants’ is the fascinating story of a group of lionesses and elephants that live in Savuti, part of the magnificent Chobe National Park in Botswana. A few of these animals are travelling down to the Chobe River in search of water; however their journey is not as straightforward as it seems. Seeva, one of the young lionesses is determined to hunt the elephants and Numsa and Jabu, the youngest of the elephant calves, have become her prime target. Faced with many challenges these rivalling mammals are not only forced to deal with their own basic survival, but also the threat of each other. Witness who will survive to make it all the way to the salvation of the Chobe River.
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  1. Interesting documentary, but in all honesty, the only elephants that lions will prey on are sub adults, cubs, and female elephants. And for female elephants, it still takes a lot of work to bring them down. In another video, it took 30 lions to kill one female elephant in the nighttime where elephants can't see very well, and it's a very long process. A female African elephant can get up to 7000 lbs or more

    Don't expect (for a long time anyways) of a bull elephant in Africa getting taken down in the day. They're practically immune from lion attacks.

  2. at 46:09 wouldn't one like to stick an ice pick in that gloomy empty braindead lobotomic repulsive stare in the eye of boubou?!!!!! we would ! hihihihi

  3. boubou..its always heavenly music when its about elephants , however when its lions trying to survive they put on eerie and threatening music as if lions were monsters , rot in piss boubou. may the heaven's give you a face lift ..and some brains for a change, like human's , yeah right !

  4. the narrator is such a liar , they aren't looking for boubou ,elephants don't think ahead more than 15minutes at a time if that, memory wise its different but? at the end poor boubou , hahaha hihi. lovely scene worth watching again and again & again & again etc…..boubou oh! boubou don't drown…hey , he won't cause TURD doesn't sink , it floats , there you go boubou saved by your bloob ! hihihi

  5. he died ? good!! 120,000 elephants in the wild he say's VS 3,000 lions ..wildlife are moving mountains for the freaks and doing next to NOTHING for the nearly extinct genocidal sublime makes me sick !! i hate elephants with PASSION !

  6. well done lions.elephants weight and brain size got's not just intelligence and body size rule.lions have smaller brains and body size but they make up with ferocity brutality and fearlessness.charge and surround your buffalo elephant herds much more numerous and larger than you.charge at them like a bunch of fucking crazy japanese banzai charge soldiers.then you will prevail and kill the prey for dinner.

  7. Good documentary I like it I give it thumbs up 👍 no doubt? Hands 🤚 down 👇 Keep it rocking 😎


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