Anaconda snake vs Jaguar. Python vs lion Animal Attacks Wildlife documentary video compilation

Anaconda snake vs Jaguar. Python vs lion Animal Attacks. Wildlife documentary video compilation

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  1. ไอ้สากกะเบือมึงเอาคลิปเดิมๆมาหลอกโดยเปี่ยนภาพหน้าคลิปให้คนหลงดข้ามาดูนี่หลายครั้งเข้าไปแล้วที่กูหลงเข้ามามึงไอ้คนหลอกลวงดขาเรียกแกอย่างคือชั่ว!!

  2. Jaguar was lucky that snake was big enough to take it down and swallow. Classic case of more balls than brains.

  3. Large cats are super quick in reflexes, can take a fair bit of punishment. if any python fully grown manages to have proper grip,tigers, lions dont have the chance to win. however, getting such grip is tough for pythons. The cats r super quick, have immense power in their four legs and strong bite force. the claws hitting long reptile would do good damage. python's spine is also not very strong.

    next, the energy. large cats can repeatedly strike on slow creatures. pythons cannot just keep on striking, they lose vital energy. the huge length which is their strength is tough to defend against fast, strong and resilient large cats. these large cats don't dominate for nothing.

  4. Wait… are you shittin' me??  Was that last clip real? A smaller sized lion was able to take out a snake that big??  Tell me that was faked or something.  That wasn't even a big male lion… that looked like a medium sized lioness.  No way.

  5. i went in a lion cage before and it was cool i go to pet it and stuff intill they played with each other like fight and we had to get out


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