What it’s like to be a Kusko (A wildlife documentary)

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Comment (84)

  1. Grats Larry!
    Excellent video bro
    Emperors New Groove is perfect for y 'all!
    Especially with the boys!
    ROFL 😉

  2. Cuzzo time is so much fun to watch. You guys are hilarious! Love it! The boys are pure gold as always too. 😂👍🤘

  3. 556 views, only 128 "likes", and worst of all ONLY 76 comments. This video deserves way more!! I am personally guilty of "Cou"sko also. Sorry man!!

  4. I call my cousins cuzzo’s too and that April Fools joke was not funny had me writing this big ol sad txt half asleep then realized it was probably a joke after i had my coffe lol

  5. Awesome vlog! What a way to overcome feeling like crap while also being entertaining. I saw my name cycle through the random comment picker so that was pretty sweet as well. Hope it didn't take long for you to feel better dude.

  6. Hahaha family time is the best. Especially dropping draws on the porch and family mosquito slaps. Good stuff haha

  7. Extremely interesting to know what a Kusko is. I wondered where the last name originally came from. My last name is German, but it's original spelling was Yeungling Which there is a fairly famous beer called Yeungling Beer. I always heard it the closest place to here was Memphis, TN. But I have recently seen a billboard advertising it here in Little Rock, AR. Cool, original idea to do a vlog about. Arkansas signing out, Richard.

  8. What is a Kusko❓ Kusko Cab, Bethel, Alaska. 2.5K likes. Kusko Cab has been a family owned and operated company since 1972. Alaska Airlines flys to Bethel 3 Times Per day. Kusko.net- Southwest Alaska's Weather Source since 1987! Aviation Weather for Southwest Alaska. worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/drakthul/kusko

  9. I love the Emperor’s New Groove. And for the record I have never called you “kooz-ko” ever haha

  10. Okay…which one of you tooted at 5:15? Well there's your problem right there cousin….the damn exhaust pipe is bent! I think what you two were trying to say…Is a Kusko stirs the pot….constantly. LMAO …the "four parent down and out". Get well brother….

  11. Whoa, your cousin really resembles the Kusko side. Great video, Brian. Just sitting around bullshittin, I like it!! 👍🏼✌
    Sorry you're sick, Brian. 😩🤒

  12. Brian, you and Cuzzo are hilarious together. I really enjoyed this video. The stories were great. I was laughing out loud so many times I couldn't count. You helped turn a weary day around. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  13. You think the name thing is tough being a Kusko. Try being a Chic (proper way to pronounce it is "chick" not "shick"). The origin of Chic is from the Czech Republic. It should have been spelled "Czyk" but the Canadian Border Guards messed it up about 3 generations ago.

  14. Your cuz is funny I guess I do have too much time on my hands, I need to find something to do lol great vlog


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