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Ten large breeds criminals don’t want waiting behind the door. These dogs have natural guarding tendencies and will fight an intruder to the death.

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  1. This is a test. Not my normal video but these types seem to be watched alot, so I thought I'd give it a try.

  2. U got the fuckin balls to do this list and not include G Sheps? German Shepherds do not play around with intruders in the house. They will fuck u up.

  3. I think the german shepherds,Belgian Malinois and the cane corsos should've been on the list..good video tho

  4. Nothing like breaking into a house and finding thee old friendly neighborhood pitbull gnawing on your ass !!!👍😃

  5. Better watch out for that terrifying Neapolitan Mastiff. With fat rolls and flab covering the eyes, combined with the 2 mph top speed. It's a force to be reckoned with. Truly shot fear into my very being.

  6. I want to own an irish wolfhound. Which personally, I think should have been added to the list. When standing on two legs it can reach 7 feet high. And was breed to hunt and kill wolves, boars, and deers. Pure gold is not worth an encounter with this giant wolf hunting dog.

  7. One of my dad's buddies had a Tibetan mastiff and when I was little I thought it was a lion because of how especially fluffy his was, I loved that dog man

  8. love your channel. i am now subscribed. the way you guys put your stamp of recognition on EVERY video is genius that will give you a slight edge of victory over all competitors.

  9. I have a pit and she plays with some of these breeds often at the dog park. They all get along but I have noticed that mine and other pits run circles around these dogs. Another thing I have noticed is the pits work together where the others don't. One thing for sure they all like each other and have a good time playing. But when I bring mine home she is ready for more. Lot's and Lot's of energy. To much at times.

  10. Mastiff is missing here. I mean the English Mastiff to those that don't realize they are the building block for quite a few of the dogs on your list. They might not tear someone to bits but they will not let them leave if they get inside the house. If they do try to fight the dog then they will be really hurt as a result.

  11. a 50lb pitbull foaming at the mouth is more then enough to keep anyone out of your yard you dont need a gigantic shit factory to scare people.

  12. I hope this kind of video does attract more viewers to this channel so they can see your other work. The channels that only do this type of video have limited appeal though as they seem to just recycle other peoples videos into digestible short form but have no really useful and often inaccurate info slides. Your normal videos however are the opposite, all original high quality footage and information directly from experts and people with real experience of their breeds. This type of video could become a sort of business card to draw new viewers into looking at rest of the body of your work. Good luck i hope it yields results. You deserve more return for your time and labour.

  13. Very surprised you didn't have german shepherd up there. And cane corso. Gsd's are considered a large breed and are super suspicious of strangers even more so then the Doberman which was up there.

  14. Good choice of title ;-). Because if it was 'best guardian breeds' we would have a discussion!!!! :-D. Clever i have to say. Don't fall in the 'most dangerous' trap because i for one will give you a hard time defending em when you use the breeds you see on your channel (ok Boerboele and gampr excluded). Damn you have a golden juwel in your hands when it comes to dogs, your channel is informative and realistic like no other. You WILL gain followers in time, be patient ;-). Most people are still in the golden retriever is the ultimate dog illusion and will change over time when channels like yours exist. Do what you need to do but please don't become a puppet to the cash > knowledge game. Thanks
    P.S. forgot to mention the Fila in the 'excluded' section, epic breed and 1 of my favorites.

  15. My home has been protected by an Akita for the past 17 years. They observe everyone who enters and sense there behavior. If they don't check out she knows and makes sure I know. The BEST !!!!


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