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Dogs In Nature is a new series I hope to do here on Dogumentary TV. I am a firm believer that a dog is what a dog does. It is important that we get our domestic animals out into nature. This allows them to sharpen the physical tools, intuition, and senses that genetics have blessed them with. Getting your dog out on a trail with the sights, sounds, and smells of the wilderness is the best gift you could give your dog.

Will Mize and his crew of Cash and Izula travel all over Southern California exploring the wild. In this video Dogumentary TV accompanies the crew as they visit the Crystal Lake area of the San Gabriel Mountains.

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  1. Good dog owner! This is how I like to explore my area as well. I'm from Long Beach, Ca! Been to Crystal Lake myself with my dogs. They love all the new smells and sights.

  2. New favourite series. I live in Alberta Canada with my german shepherd and there's nothing better than a day on a trail. Keep the vids coming

  3. Hey, can you guys make a video like "5 guard dog breeds for people living in apartaments" ? I live in an apartament and I'm looking into getting a guard dog, but it's hard to find a breed that gets used to small spaces.

  4. Really enjoyed this video Zeke. There's nothing better than going on a long hike and seeing your dogs be dogs. It does so much to help their mental and physical wellbeing. Also love that Mastiff and definitely prefer the leaner more athletic look.

  5. As always, great video. This channel constantly puts out terrific content and always looks forward to the next one. Thank you!

  6. Don't ask about the staffie-chihuahua mix. I once saw a male pomeranian get it on with a female mutt that's 15" on the shoulder! The female mutt was on a down position tho.

  7. This is the way it should be, this is every Sunday almost for me. Working on a trailer and live with Brad Anderson full time

  8. It's good to see a video highlighting the difference dogs can make to a humans life! Since I got my dog 4 years ago, he has done the same for me with getting me out into nature. l'd love to see Izula on the hunt, i bet she's got some amount of speed on her!


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