(AI) | ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE | All you must know about it | (Documentary)

thansk’s for watching , for any question , drop a comment below , I’ll reply soon 🙂

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  1. Rien a dire, bravo pour cette video, theme, montage et ta présentation ! Tout est original ! Un travail des pro! Bon courage….

  2. i really enjoyed this video about ai but the founder of space x and tesla motors called elon not elmon it doesnt really matter but i just want to notice for that and i wish you all the luck, if you want you can check my video on my channel and tell me your remarks good luck ^^

  3. bravooooooooo mon ami nabil el marrahi et bonne continuation et je te souhaite une vie pleine de joix et de reussite 😉😉

  4. you had the audacity to speak about an original and difficult theme like this .it is a subject that combines hope and fascination! we mast encourage talented young people who want to invest in this area in order to unveil the hidden facet of life and human intelligency .Bravoo

  5. good i like the way you present an important subject like that
    even if you didn't speack about other points but it's good .god bless you


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