Yanomami. The Most Isolated Amazon Tribe | Tribe Documentary

The Yanomami are the most isolated tribe of South America. The Yanomami areas of Brazil and Venezuela make up the largest indigenous forest territory in the world.
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Today, the population of this Amazonian tribe totals about 32,000 individuals, but the thousands of gold hunters that invade its territory pass on deadly diseases like measles or the flu. For thousands of years they have lived naked in harmony with the environment in the jungles of South America.
They now face a dark future, full of difficulties.  
The Yanomami have extensive botanical knowledge and use about 500 plants in cooking, for preparing medicines, for building their huts and making household utensils.

This Amazonian tribe practiced fishing in various places, using a poison, timbó, which they make by pulping up to nine different varieties of a species of vine: this is placed in a wicker basket, made on the spot. Once the plant bait is made, it only remains to float the deathtrap on the water. The fluid it secretes extracts the oxygen from the water, and the stunned fish float to the surface: then where all group members easily kill them with arrows, knives and machetes.

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  1. Strength of WOMEN, baby in the belly, baby on her neck, a basket filled with who knows how heavy of items, commandeering thru natural hazzards while watching out for the older toddler who is walking. podemos 3/17/18

  2. These people are asians, you can tell by their obvious mongoloid features, they're not much different from the people of Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam etc, they descend from south east Asia but migrated down the baring straight and spread throughout the americas.

  3. its crazy to think that in 2017 there are kids out there that never even seen the internet let alone been on it ……sometimes I think about what if I was born into a tribe like that how would I be?

  4. I understand that you are trying to highlight and create stunning imagery , but why are you not just highlighting those that are making their life a misery; that would include you. These peoples have beliefs of an afterlife – the image you are creating could frighten them.


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