Lost Worlds: Forgotten Empire (Ancient History Documentary) | Timeline

Lost Worlds investigates the very latest archaeological finds at three remote and hugely significant sites – Angkor Wat, Troy and Persepolis. Lost Worlds travels to each site and through high-end computer graphics, lavish re-enactment and the latest archaeological evidence brings them to stunning televisual life. From the 900-year-old remains of Angkor Wat in the Cambodian jungle the staggering City of the God Kings is recreated. From Project Troia, in North West Turkey, the location of the biggest archaeological expedition ever mounted the lost city is stunningly visualised and finally from Persepolis the city and the great Persian Empire are brought to life.

Content licensed by DRG. Produced by Darlow Smithson Productions.

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  1. These countries in the East and in the era were a majority of obvious Narcissistic Adolescent Ego Minded, stunted in the capacity to Mature in gain of Balance ego, Soul Consciousness.
    They all go in cycles of an ownership and only the Persians showed any desire for all to be Free in their ethnic and cultural practices, balanced in life and at Peace with fellow man/woman.

    Alexander wasn't so Great now, was he?

  2. such a shame.. to destroy such a city.. The first Empire in history that was Built on total tolerance and respect for OTHER cultures. Few great powers have every matched.. !!

  3. what is lacking greatly from this male story is any regard for their people. women, children, and daily activities. Most western cultures do this except for represented goddesses. If I were an alien I think these men all reproduced without women. We have clue about the culture of the people…… just the ego of some guy who was brutal enough to control others.

  4. what and where does this mostly male need to rule the world. What is the root of this? All these cultures are patriarchal…matriarch certainly seems to have been much more peaceful.

  5. Just to add some objectivity Athens were burned by Persians, so something like eye for eye attitude should be mentioned here

  6. Well I disagree with calling Alexander a "thug", Ptolemy 1st, Soter; kept Alexanders idea for a great library to be built. Which became the first cultural nerve center of the ancient world; the Library of Alexandria. Alexandria; which the city became a melting pot of the ancient world; at the time of the Ptolemaic Dynasty; was a time of tolerance and acceptance. So I think calling him a thug, is not correct and is unfair; which detracts from this gentlemans rewritten history of the Persians! After all Persia did not become an empire through the merits of tolerance or acceptance. For an empire is created by the means and actions of peace or morality. It always built by the bones and blood of war, and conquest. Persia, is no different than rome was, when rome was became the world superpower. Perisa, fought wars and took over land by force, as any conqueror would have! So if you call one a thug by that same standard, then you will have to decree the same label toward the Persians; which were no different in imperial aspirations as with the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians! After all, Persia did invade Greece between 479-490 BC; which is also called the Greco-Persian wars; the Persians burned the first Acropolis in 480 BC. Yet this man paints the greeks as evil, I guess he forgot the Persian invasions not just in Greece; but in Rome, Egypt, Israel, India, Scythia, Sparta, Africa, and many other places throughout the known ancient world. After all, it takes conquest to build and empire; sometimes karma can be unkind!

  7. War is still better strategy than Alexander great had. Christian heritage "love your enemy" comes from Alexander Great, who were marrying women, so breed and strategically inherited land, kind of plan. What it means now days in Christian countries what has been invaded 1000 years after Alexander Great, women marry their enemies and men do suicides, couples just hate each other, marriage is based on lie. And other thing is that Christians are racist, monotheist seed rasicim, all talks about master race etc, comes from them not from ancient arabia and india when ancient they understand that it is language what separated them not gods, culture flourish. I am certain that father of Buddha was not white elephant but Greek soldier who was wearing helmet whit sing of elephant, it would go along Alexander Grats strategy. That kind of helmet were in use, and greek were quite white. You can interpret whole story of Buddhas birth from greek point of view and translations from ancient how text has to be translated that it present ancient reality. They talk differently, Gods were persons, magical world they were living in… i write this, these thoghts here, then i copy pate this to my manuscript : )

  8. Did I miss it, or was the Cyrus Cylinder not mentioned at all? Like the stuff about religious freedom etc was all written on the Cyrus Cylinder, which may or may not be the world's oldest declaration of human rights! It could of course also be interpreted as inaugural statement of mostly symbolic value, but still, even as empty promise it would be an impressively modern statement to make imo.

  9. Sorry boys and girls, but without Persian historians to support this propaganda, you are watching a Micky mouse documentary about the Persians who wanted to be Greeks …..but failed.
    Are the Persians the ones to attack Greece so the king can expand his empire and have more taxpayers to support the growth of more figs in his garden?….Persian empire was built on peasants and nomads and that's why they lost all wars with Greece. And the "thug" Alexander did not kill Darius III, the Darius's personal guard did, after the battle of Gaugamela. Alexander respected the "empire" by marrying Roxane, if anybody remembers that. If Roxane wanted Persepolis burned, that 's another story…But again, since the Persians didn't care to record anything, then everybody can imagine that they are Darius too…..
    It takes a lot of "digging" in ancient history to understand the times, the cultures, the ideas, the society….Making a documentary of something forgotten, without records and calling Alexander "a thug", it makes me wonder how much money you got to publish this… Soros, is the Darius of today and as everyone like him will go down…..Spare me your B.S

  10. Instead of editing my first comment, I just wanted to thank you for such a fantastic upload, the quality and subject matter of your videos is second to none!!!

  11. I would have loved to witness all the grandeur with my own eyes. Hopefully some day we may peacefully witness all that is left. Iran is just bursting at the seams with historical wonders, modern craftsman could never compete with the skill they possessed, than again to be fair, modern craftsman aren't faced with losing their heads if they fail.

  12. We can admire the wonders of the Persian empire without detesting the west. Another culturally marxist production which renders the program historically and culturally myopic and thus devoid of a breadth of vision.

  13. if they were living to day the way thay did that are called gypsies they just moved from tents to motor Camper's I no wonder why the Greek didn't like them and tru fact they built the Golden City plundering in stealing

  14. While Hollywood lies and the white machinery tells you that whites built the pyramids, lets ask some basic questions. First, if whites came thousands of years after they were built, then how they do it? Second, If whites built them then why didn't they build any pyramids in Europe before heading to Africa? Third, upon exiting Africa why didn't whites continue building them? Fourth, if whites built the pyramids then how did they totally forget how to build them? See, these basic questions either don't have a answer or a very silly answer is offered up instead of admitting that Blacks were in full control of the science and modern development at the time. What a jealous group of people. I would be embarrassed to sound like such a desperate clown.

  15. Maybe if the lame school system taught you the facts you wouldn't have to hear it so often on the grass roots level. But such teachings would change the perception of "white master race" garbage and also boost the self esteem of Blacks and change our behavior. This white man knows the facts and you will learn a lot from him, that is if you are willing to actually learn instead of being a dumb, non thinking, no book reading typical white person. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3TTCSLtssQ&index=1&list=LLqws64u1vfjtlYvEg2hLftA&t=688s and learn.

  16. Here is what lame, lying, unread, silly whites are willing to say just to avoid the truth, they should be embarrassed to continue to whitewash ancient history, see the lies below
    Ancient Egyptians were white, http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/archaeology/ancient-egyptians-europeans-related-claims-a7763866.html
    Re date the pyramids https://www.quora.com/Why-didnt-Europeans-build-pyramids
    Aliens built the pyramids https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/860673/Ancient-Egypt-Pyramids-Giza-Atlantis-lost-civilisation-Gerry-Cannon
    After claiming to have built pyramids in Egypt, make up having them in Europe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosnian_pyramid_claims

  17. Mostly made by the Median Empire that way ignored , persian copy all from the Median the Kurds ancestors first Iranian people before Persian even come to Iran

  18. I'd like to see a documentary about the Elamite civilization. They predated the Classical Persians by about 2000 years. Many ancient artifacts from Mesopotamia, Sumer, Babylon etc. were discovered in Iran, carried off as spoils of war by the Elamite armies.

  19. Needless to destroy Persepolis but Alexander's entire conquest of Asia was based on his belief in being a descendant of Achilles and the revenge of the Persian invasion of Greece and burning of Athens under Xerxes. So what comes around goes around.

  20. Absolutely beautiful! We need to learn more about the past, since they were just like us in so many ways. We forget or dismiss the ancient world at our own peril.

  21. i can't get past the white lady putting on hijab, this is why i respect conservative whites more than liberal ones. They have no backbone and always want to "go native." These are the same people who go to africa and dance around naked like idiots with people who think the worlds flat.

  22. The libtard speculation about the motives of the Greeks is mis informing people.
    Maybe the Greeks just didn't like being invaded by the Persians.
    All this BS about multi culturalism is a bit sickening.
    Every large empire of the ancient world did roughly the same thing.
    How can these experts be this retarded?

  23. "It's the victors who write the history books"…so true. What a shame Alexander destroyed such a beautiful city Persepolis. I have seen ruins of other ancient civilizations. Persepolis must have been amazing to view in its time.

  24. I don't understand that there are so few likes with so many views. Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it. I have to laugh about the Greeks thinking that the men were feminized when they engaged in homosexual behavior themselves…ironic.

  25. The Persians were not forgotten, but they were cast as the bad guys. There can be no doubt at all that they tried to conquer Greece twice, and failed, and that they were ruled by a god-king. Grotesque as the image of Xerxes is in "300", this is how the Persians thought of their ruler, the King of Kings.

    The Greeks saddled themselves with despotic rulers. too, but they never considered them gods. There was always a refusal to perform the proskynesis, the bending of the knee to them. Alexander himself faced rebellion over it. And in the words set over the bodies of the 300 Spartans, we see the real claim: "Stranger who passes, go tell the Greeks/That we lie here in obedience to their laws". Their laws, the laws they had made themselves, not had enforced on them by a god-king.

    And here we are, 2500 years later: we in the west make our laws for ourselves, but the successors to the Persians are ruled by God and his prophet, who makes the laws for them. Well, be damned to that. Over our dead bodies, as over those of the 300.

  26. This is such a wonderful documentary. I even got upset that Alexander burnt it down needlessly. Never understood the urge to destroy something that beautiful.

  27. stunning, to be hoped the Iranian's can keep the Extremists from destroying it as they have so much else from antiquity in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria

  28. Thank you for posting this! I’m doing some work on the Persians as well and this was very helpful. I am amazed that you have so few views.


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