Nova Patra X Frank Yang | Chinese Asian Culture Hackers | REJECTS FROM THE MOTHERLAND (Documentary)

Frank Yang and Nova Patra are two notorious Asian YouTubers who are hacking culture through the video medium drawing attention from millions with their often hyper-sexual content.

This documentary follows them around and captures their conversations about sex, spirituality and content creation. They dive deep into unusual conversations about art, masturbation, cultural identity and more.

Frank Yang shocked the media in 2012 with his ‘Street Love’ video where he had sex on a mattress in a public street.

Nova Patra followed suit in 2016 when her Pay-walled Twitch Porn was ripped and believed to be a “Twitch Fail” leading millions to believe she had accidentally masturbated live on Twitch.TV.

The most interesting thing about them is their defiance of their cultural narratives and identities. While many have lost their identify in the stories the TV provides, these two continue to reject old forms of media and instead are determined to become the media.

Produced by Lake Okane & Nova Patra
Directed and Shot by Lake Okane
Editing by Lake Okane & Nova Patra

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A Rich & Niche Film


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Comment (33)

  1. This is my greatest work to date. I hope you guys enjoy it. Please share it on social media so others can enjoy it.

  2. It is the individual who must choose to better themselves and their neighbour. Hatred is a tool to keep the poor where they are and the rich get richer. Self exploration is a journey that must be done alone! Great Video

  3. i do admit, you are very interesting and i actually appreciate what you do in a sense of reducing stigma towards sexuality and nakedness (and i guess societal constraints in general, though i admit i do not see that as much as the other). all in all this video/documentary (and your work in general) was actually also quite enlightening, but man was it (this video) random and artsy xP

    So yeah, all in all very interesting.


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