Scientific Fluoride Documentary – The Great Culling – No Mere Conspiracy Theory

If you have not noticed yet, governments couldn’t care less about your health, let alone your TEETH. I believe we have been genetically engineered but certainly not to require fluoride in our water, and even if it did help teeth, which it doesn’t, would you drink suntan lotion to prevent a sunburn? No. ”As of September 2016, a total of 57 studies have investigated the relationship between fluoride and human intelligence, and over 40 studies have investigated the relationship fluoride and learning/memory in animals. Of these investigations, 50 of the 57 human studies have found that elevated fluoride exposure is associated with reduced IQ, while 45 animal studies have found that fluoride exposure impairs the learning and/or memory capacity of animals. The human studies, which are based on IQ examinations of over 12,000 children, provide compelling evidence that fluoride exposure during the early years of life can damage a child’s developing brain.”

Fluoride & IQ: The 52 Studies


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  1. We're being poisoned from all angles. Household water, food, bottled water, medications, geoengineering/chemtrails in the sky means our rain water is also toxic. How have any of us made it past age 30???? Its shocking.

  2. FBI Complaint:

    Mayor Ron
    Nierenberg, Murder, Mayhem, Fraud, Deceit, Conspiracy, Providing
    false information to voters

    Violation of My civil rights
    Mayor Ron
    Nierenberg, is using Color of Law to: Murder me, To Commit Mayhem, to
    Kill my Children and Grandchildren with "Insanitary Toxic Waste

    I have been informed
    that the City does not have any evidence that:
    that the following
    fluorides are medically safe and medically effective drug in
    preventing cavities;
    2.Hydrofluoric Acid;
    4.Sodium Fluoride;
    5.Stannous Fluoride;
    5.All Fluoride

    it is an undisputed
    fact that the above 5 chemicals are each extremely deadly poisons,
    CDC further state 1 part per million of any of these poisons
    constitutes a dangerous overdose;

    Refusal to have any
    medical or pharmaceutical quality control on: Purity, effectiveness,
    or Safety;
    Refuses to order
    their medical drug supplier to remove deadly impurities;

    Purportedly has
    absolute proof that all medical research on fluorides and fluorine
    that proves death or disease is fraudulent

    is endangering my
    life and health by ordering that the municipal water be used to
    medicate: residents, food, beverages, all manufactured goods that
    contain water with chemicals that are known to have no significant
    health Benefits, and does not further the health and welfare of the

    San Antonio, TX
    Ordinance dated 08/03/2000 and numbered 92255, recording # 00-28,
    specifically states that only fluorides that have extensive research
    of proof of "contributing to the dental Health of public, and
    … Furthers the health and welfare of the Public…to take actions
    to protect the public health"

    mayor Ron Nierenberg
    expresses contempt for this ordnance to protect the public health, by
    allowing their drug supplier to manufacture the drugs in Insanitary
    facilities and to provide Insanitary Drugs that are contaminated with
    deadly Toxic Waste Poisons and refuses to provide any evidence that
    their drugs are medically safe and medically effective at protecting
    the public health.
    All claims of Safety
    and benefit are propaganda articles that are not up by clinical or
    medical research.
    Extensive Research
    proves that Hydrofluorosilicic Acid and the host of deadly Toxic
    Waste Chemicals cause death and disease;
    Research proves 25
    deaths per 100,000 population in fluoridated areas from fluorides: In
    San Antonio, that is 25*1,500,000/100,000 = 15*25 = 375 murders being
    committed by Mayor Ron Nierenberg and untold grief and destruction of
    the Texas environment.

    Mayor Ron
    Nierenberg's refusal to comply with the letter of the law in the in
    the # 92255 Ordinance, and his refusal to take action to protect the
    Public Health and,
    the allowing of
    Deadly Toxic Waste contamination,
    killing: persons with impaired kidneys
    implies he is
    receiving $ Millions in bribes from the Toxic Waste Industry to

    Murder and Mayhem

    to destroy the Texas

  3. This explains why water in Finland tastes so much better than in the UK, because the UK is not on the list of countries to have banned fluoride. I notice as well that the fluoride-free toothpaste I use lasts longer but works better, because fluoride erodes stuff.

  4. As soon as I heard that aluminum companies that produce fluoride as a byproduct, and would have to pay considerable money to dispose of this toxic waste without fluoridating the public water supply, and would instead receive money FOR the waste, I understood the fluoridation question. This is without looking at the dumbing-the-population-down theory. I've bought bottled water for years, but I can't escape fluoride altogether, as I eat at restaurants and friends'.

  5. What do u think of water fluoridation? participate in our 10mins survey and voice your opinion. chance to win 10pounds shopping card

  6. I think the documenter should take out the fist 5 min talking about all the other debated conspiracies like chemtrails and just to stay on topic with fluoride. He loses people that way that may not believe in an unrelated issues to floride. Fluoride is in water and is a black and white issue. Fluoride is toxic on its own is undebatable. That should be the foundation he should stick to to capture maximum viewership.

  7. FLUORIDE, the main ingredient in sarin nerve gas. started by the german nazis. to numb your brains. destroys the pineal gland, dementia, mad cow disease, osteoarthritis, hyperactivity in children, low iq in children, cancer, dental fluorosis, gum disease, low sperm count in young men, birth defects, the list is endless, the body is made of carbon, aluminum is corrosive. the Germans will not put it in there water.

  8. FUN W/ FLUORIDE: "The Most Dangerous Plot The Government Has Ever Concieved!" We cannot talk about Tap Water without talking about the tons of imported Chinese arsenic fluoride (AsF) which clearly takes the prize as the most toxic molecule known to science. THE "OCCUPIED TERRITORY OF UNITED STATES" (OTUS) IS ONE OF A VERY FEW REGIONS THAT USES ARSENIC FLUORIDE (AsF) WEAPON INJECTION TECHNOLOGY ON IT'S OWN POPULATION. CHINA IS AMOUNG THE LARGE MAJORITY OF COUNTRIES THAT HAVE BANNED THE INJECTION OF FLUORIDE IN THEIR WATER SUPPLIES. CHINA IS ALSO THE SUPPLIER OF THE AsF COCTAIL THAT IS USED UPON "OTUS" SUBJECTS. AsF is crucial in binding the chlorine atom in our tap water for transport into our atmosphere WHERE IT ATTACKS OZONE LAYER. Fluorine (defined as Fy) in the atmosphere is as a surrogate of the amounts of its precursors, mainly the CFCs and hydrochlorofluorocarbons, involved in ozonedepletion by chlorine. Fluorinated halocarbons and other gases such as perfluorocarbons or sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) are also extremely potent greenhouse gases as we keep watering lawns, golf courses, and filling pools with toxic arsenic trifluoride (WE WE CAN BOMB SYRIA ON A PRETEXT THOUGH)! Because of the strength of the carbon fluorine bond, many synthetic fluorocarbons and fluorcarbon-based compounds are persistent in the environment and may be harming the health of wildlife.
    How Bill Cosby Helped Rape America With Fluoride & Raped Women Using Fluoride Date Rape Drug "Roofie"(Rohypnol). An estimated one fifth of pharmaceuticals contain fluorine. Click here for Index of Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals.

  9. holy fuck i just realized my dentist gave my mom flouride tablets to give to me as a toddler!!! I took concentrated flouride tablets and now i know why my teeth are so fucked

  10. Loving the narrator's voice, it has a little Giovanni Ribisi sound to it… Personally, I find this to be nice on the ears.

  11. Critical Unity — I am interested in the synthesizer music prevalent throughout this documentary. Could you tell me the title of the track and who the musician is please? I would very much appreciate it.

  12. This is the NWO Agenda specifically targeted at the U.S.A. not only because we are the only majority Christian Nation on earth, but because of our Constitution and it's inherent Freedom's and Liberties.

    Along with the fluoride poisoning of the water supply, GMO's flooding our food supply and the Atmospheric Aerosol Dispersion Programs (Chemtrails), these Luciferian Criminals MUST destroy America to have their One World Government realized. Because when America and her people are gone the entire world will enter a new Dark Age where the population that is left will be slaves to the Luciferian Globalist Elite that think the rest of humanity to be below them as they believe they are gods and needn't answer to anyone.

  13. Biggest problem here is profit. Our water system has gone from a public utility to a private corporation. And like all other public utilities that our taxes should be paying for, its NOT. Moreover, it is now a conflict of interest within every city council in this country. I brought this to my home town city councils awareness only to find myself kickoff of their contact list so I now can not even speak my mind to "publicly elected officials".
    WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Trump is one of them, profiting since day one, and scheming since 1988 about how to profit of the presidency!!!!!!

  14. I started drinking tap water on a regular basis 7 years ago, and my health has gone downhill. aching joint pain, poor concentration, low energy. And the whole thing about it needed for teeth is BULL, even though i brushed my teeth on a daily basis, they started to rot. This poison has deteriorated my whole body. I am detoxing from it now. drink boron is some bottled water, sip throughout the day and eat foods with boron such as almonds.foods rich in iodine, turmeric, and lemons.

  15. That would answer a lot of question as to why 75% of Americans are total dumbfucks who believe in gods and flat earth, no wonder your country is going to shit. lol.

    Compared to Europe, you have more idiots per capita and that's a major problem for a nation with a vast nuclear arsenal, and it furthers the need to keep theocracy out of power and bring our nation back to what it once was
    But for now you are just the butt of jokes in the western world, its become a stain to have a decent intellect and call ones self an American these days.


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