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Magnificent Bharat is a series on India’s glorious past which would have continued into the present if there were no invasions.
This documentary on indian history is an attempt to bring people’s attention to Ancient India and it’s technology. The video talks about wootz steel which was the anglicised version of ‘ukku’ and a few variations of this word in different south indian languages which mean steel. This rust free steel/ rust proof steel later became famous as damascus steel. Damascus steel patterns make the steel stand out from today’s steel when compared. This steel could have been what inspired the valyrian steel ice from Game of Thrones. Though I didn’t make this video on ancient India in hindi ,people who have watched old hindi serials on doordarshan should be familiar with the Tipu Sultan serial named The sword of tipu sultan(Tipu Sultan ki talwar/tulwar) which was made of this same steel. Ancient Indian metallurgy was far more advanced than the rest of the world as per several records most of which are by those who visited 17th century india such as French traveller and merchant Jean Baptiste Tavernier. This video gives a glimpse of crucible steel making activities from when Ancient Bharat map was not altered by physical divisions. You may also like this video if your interested in topics like Indian steel factory , Indian trade history, damascus steel chef knife, damascus steel wedding ring or even British Steel Corporation.

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