Hackers ’95 (Complete)

Hackers ’95 is a 90 minute part documentary, part spoof.

Phon-E and R.F. Burns cover the hacker related goings on of 1995. SummerCon 95, Defcon 3, Operation Cyber Snare, Area 51, an interview with Erik Bloodaxe and more are covered.

Re-upped with higher resolution.



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Comment (21)

  1. The chick at the end of the vid talking in the area 51 restaurant is either high on cocaine or some type of amphetamine…

  2. my internet speed is slow, therefore it is difficult for me to understand the hacking video(s), so how can i download this video?

  3. I remember this as a 1 year old then wandering down the street to the computer store and amazing the tech guys with my l337 skilz as a 1 year old

  4. holy crap! young jeff moss and young chris are adorable! i didn't realize how misled the government was on how they viewed hackers, but then again when this doc was made i was five years old. chris is still just as brash….i love it. also the beginning of this thing said a mouthful… cool stuff!


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