US Military TURNS UP THE HEAT on Chinese Computer Hackers in Documentary

WATCH OUT CHINA the US Military is turning up the heat on Chinese computer hackers in new documentary. JOINT BASE LEWIS-McCHORD, Wash. – The widespread usage of computer networking has become one of the U.S. military’s greatest advantages.

On the battlefield, computers are valuable force multipliers, greatly aiding commanders in the command and control of their forces.

Our enemies also use computers, however, and can turn our advantage into a disadvantage if soldiers don’t follow proper security procedures.

To aid in combating this threat, October has been designated National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

“Cyber security means ensuring the integrity, availability and confidentiality of information on the DoD network,” said Jack Potter, information security manager for the Mission Support Element G-6 here.

Hostile nation-states can employ state-of-the-art technology to attempt to breach our cyber security methods. Any networked computer can come under attack.

“Whether it’s attempting to gain access to a military network or steal your personal information, the threat is always out there,” said Sgt. 1st Class James Stephenson, a Fort Worth, Texas, native, and non-commissioned officer-in-charge of the I Corps Information Assurance section.

“I can turn off a computer, lock it in a safe, and bury the safe. That’s the only way to make a computer completely secure. As soon as I plug it in, put it on the network, and connect a user to it, there are vulnerabilities,” Potter said.

The majority of those vulnerabilities are related to how the computer is being used, Potter said.

Hackers long ago learned that while it was possible to break into a computer system through trial and error, the easiest way to gain access was tricking legitimate users into letting them in.

“The best advice I can give the average user is to always be aware of what you’re looking at. Don’t visit websites you don’t know, don’t trust, and don’t need. Always be aware that there are risks,” Potter said.

Some computer attacks seek to gain access to secure networks, while others attempt to gain personal information about the computer user.

The popularity of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, has brought a corresponding level of cyber security risk.

“If a unit has a Facebook page, and puts information about unit missions on that page, they have made that information available to adversaries who may be looking for it,” Potter said.

Social networking also puts personal information at risk. Seemingly harmless information, such as birthdays or anniversaries, can be a risk.

Most social networking sites allow users to control the privacy settings of their information.

Users of government computers should remember that such computers are meant for official use only.

“Your government computer is not your personal computer. Your government computer is a weapons system. You wouldn’t take your Stryker to the grocery store, and you wouldn’t drive your Honda Accord across the battlefield. They both have the capability, but they aren’t made for that. Your computer is the same way,” Potter said.

Video Description: Credit: Sgt. Leon Cook

Video Credits: Tech. Sgt. Lisa Carlson

Thumbnail Credit: Senior Airman Cody Martin Modified by ArmedForcesUpdate

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  1. Under Trump administration America is about to get modernized advance high tech no doubt save money invest well … Military than sending to Pakistan

  2. Theft is the the Chinese Communist Party DNA, they have no concern about right and wrong. Gangster governments brainwash their people. Until the Chinese people make their gangster government behave like human beings nothing will change.

  3. uniforms and shit lmao. some asian kid in rags probably knows 10x more. 2/10 poor propaganda effort plz make it realistic theyre a bunch of fuckkng antisocial nerds not brave warriors lmao

  4. Lol such a joke the Chinese hack us every November almost the same day get everything and than these people do nothing.

  5. Need to hire out of the military in order to get the best, I wouldn't think very talented hacker's would join the Army to make 28,000 a year. Need to hire the best Nerd's and pay well. This is a joke.

  6. It's great to see these fine young men and women walking on the cutting edge in securities. Interestingly enough, this morning, I was praying about this very thing. That God would show such people a brand new open-ended language that's never been seen seen before, making it AI friendly and unhackable, making today's languages obsolete. Both for America and Israel's security. This new language can also be used to secure our nation and Israel's infrastructure against any cyber threats. I know God is more then able to bring in a language system for now and far into the future and beyond, if we will simply pray about it. 😉

  7. The upcoming US financial collapse will be blamed on Russian and chinese hackers when its really the american bankster elite and their never ending bailouts, fiscal mismanagement, endless wars of agression and corp fascist policies of the US gov. But they need a scapegoat and common core 'mercans will eat tge propaganda like ants on sugar

  8. both sides are brainwashed just another tool for humanity destruction this is war all over it wake up world before it's to late

  9. everybody knows the chinese got hacking on lock, so you stop them from hacking SOMETIMES, and then what you go to China and arrest them?? c'mon man, this is a recruiting video for more ultra recruits..

  10. I have talked to a lot of guys who came back from the war. what they told me shocked me but made me understand what the media did not tell us. They did not tell you about the children that had bombs strapped to them bu their parents to blow our men up. They did not tell you about the kids with wires holding then across the roads so when our guys drive by the cut their headd off. They told me when they first got there they would let these kids come onto their camps and get blown up. After awhile it harden our guys because they had to start shooting these kids or be killed. The women would have bombs hidden on them and walk up to our guys and blow them up. We Americans are not used to this kind of killing using your kids and women to destroy our guys. Thats why our guys are in this mental state when they come home. But our media want let this out. So think about that and what would you do in that situation. We are a caring family nation. we would not use our kids to kill. But these people have no regard to life. Don't get ne wrong there are good people over there who fight fair. But most don't. Our politicians don't want that out for political reason. There is more behind this than what you people know AND ME TOO. Until I started talking to our guys and being a mom that I am. They where able to trust me and tell me the truth. So please don't jump to conclusions before you know the facts. We need to go up against these evil crooked greedy money hungery power grabbing evil people who are making us look bad to other nations.

  11. I appreciate our military personnel and what they do for our country. Now our government is a different story with these crooked politicians. We do need good government and it starts with the American people to do something about it. It will not correct itself unless we get more involved and protest against them.


  13. inadequate and boring but all this propaganda coming just as russia and china have hacked millitary and politicians servers with utter ease now this fake and too late


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