Health Hacking Journey!

I am on a health hacking friggin’ journey right now with documentary filmmaker Jeff Hays!

While on the way to tiny lil Pocatello, Idaho I just recorded a podcast with Naomi Whittel, author of “Glow15: A Science-Based Plan to Lose Weight, Revitalize Your Skin, and Invigorate Your Life.”

This book is based on the breakthrough Nobel Prize-winning science of “cellular autophagy”—the process by which cells remove toxins, recycle parts, and repair their own damage and through her work, Naomi has positioned herself as an emerging expert in this fascinating, truly game-changing field. Keep an eye out for the podcast! You can get the book here:

Why are we going to Pocatello? We are visiting Dr. Jason West’s world-renowned clinic to receive high-dose vitamin C injections and an array of other next-level treatments.

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