Into the Forest Amphibian Nature Documentary Trailer

Upcoming feature length documentary about the amphibians, reptiles, and other creatures of the European forest. A documentary by Bryan Maltais. Featuring the Fire Salamander, Common Toad, Horned Viper, Common Frog, Emerald Lizard, Slow Worm, European Badger, Wild Boar.

Frogs Of Manipal – A Wildlife Documentary Ft. Madhushri Mudke

Frogs of Manipal! Frogs are known as biological indicator species. According to scientific reports, frogs across the globe are facing extinction four times faster than any other tetrapod (a four-footed animal, especially a member of a group which includes all vertebrates higher than fishes). Threats being – habitat destruction and disturbance, diseases, malformations and climate […]

Episode 2 – Biodiversity… The Diversity Of Life (Award Winning Wildlife Documentary)

*Official Selection – Tinai Eco Film Festival – 2015, Goa *Semi Finalist – G2 Green Earth Film Festival – 2017, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. *Semi Finalist – Llanberis Adventure & Mountain Film Festival – 2017, Wales, Europe *Official Selection – Ankur Short Film Festival – 2017, Nashik *Officially Included in – Book on international eco-documentaries […]

Metamorphosis: Amphibian Nature Documentary

Facebook: Website: The discovery of rare neotenic Tiger Salamanders, toads struggle to breed through drought, snakes hunt young amphibians to survive, and visually stunning time lapse changes of a wetland from Winter thaw, summer and Winter freeze. Filmed in Ft. Collins, Colorado.