Canon EOS – Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center a portrait David Leeson went on assignment to shoot a documentary of the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, using the EOS 5D Mark II HD Video feature. The result is “A Portrait”, a short video study of the center and it’s dedicated staff.

Incredible Australian WILDLIFE

FAVORITE LENS CANADA TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY: AUSTRALIA TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY: This video includes the best shots I caught of a wide range of cute, dangerous and venomous Australian animals. Check out this website if you need footage for a video: Animals in order of sequence: Cockatoo: 00:05 Parrot: 00:27 Spinifex Pidgeon: 00:30 Emu: […]

White Storks in 4K – A Sony FS5 Wildlife Documentary

In 2017 I had the opportunity to film the breeding of White Storks and three little chicks in UHD resolution with the Sony FS5 camera. Since a couple of years White Storks have reconquered Westfalia in Germany and occupied several breeding upheavals in some relatively new wildlife refugees at the river Lippe. I used the […]