What it’s like to be a Kusko (A wildlife documentary)

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Battlefield 1 History Who Really Caused World War 1? My Documentary

My documentary explaining the global conflict so that many people who play the game can have a greater understanding of it and why it happened. In this documentary I explain who really caused the war and my rationale for it. Lusitania.net http://www.lusitania.net/ A thank you to my friend Doctor Sokka for helping me make this […]

The Achuar: Green Inspiration From The Amazon – Larry Lansburgh

Learn more about Larry Lansburgh here: http://www.ecospeakers.com/speakers/lansburghl.html In this video, Lansburgh, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, introduces you to his presentation on the “Dream People of the Amazon.” It is about how a small group of indigenous people, the Achuar of the Ecuadorian Amazon, came up against the money and power of multinational oil companies and […]

Hacking Language Learning: Dr. Conor Quinn at TEDxDirigo

Dr. Conor McDonough Quinn is a documentary linguist, endangered language revitalization worker, and avid learner and teacher of languages. Raised in Portland, Maine, he has lived at length in Indonesia, China, and Oman, and has worked extensively with several indigenous communities of the Northeast. Learning his own family’s endangered heritage language (hint: look at the […]