Yellowstone Wildlife Documentary: Official Trailer

Thousand pound bison, dueling pronghorn, wild elk herds, and territorial bears are just some of the animals which reside on top of North America’s largest super volcano. Welcome to Yellowstone National Park.

The Private Life of Deer – Amazing Nature Documentary (HD)

The Private Life of Deer – Amazing Nature Documentary (HD) Whitetailed deer seem to be always around us, whether they’re grazing alongside our roadways, feasting on plants in our backyards or darting into the woods, though these “neighbors” do like to protect their privacy. While other species may be negatively impacted by human development, it […]

“Behind the Lens” Interview with Colorado wildlife photographer Vic Schendel

Colorado Outdoors magazine presents “Behind the Lens” In this short documentary, Colorado photographer Vic Schendel offers an intimate look into the world of professional wildlife photography. Schendel, a frequent contributor to Colorado Outdoors magazine, shares stories behind some of his favorite photographs, offers simple tips for shooting better images and explains the inspiration that drives […]