Latino Mafia.Mexico’s Drug Gang war documentary film 2016

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Documentaries | D Tom Dumican | UK, 2018 “A riveting dive into a case that tests Americans’ commitment to religious tolerance, Tom Dumican’s No Greater Law asks if Idaho should keep allowing children to die of easily treatable illnesses because their parents believe medicine is the work of Satan.” – The Hollywood Reporter The Followers […]

Hackers Wanted – 2009 [Unreleased Director’s Cut]

Hackers Wanted is an unreleased American documentary film. The film explores the origins and nature of hackers and hacking by following the adventures of Adrian Lamo, and contrasting his story with that of controversial figures throughout history. The film is narrated by Kevin Spacey. This version of the film contains additional footage, and was never […]

Beautiful Washington. Episode 1 – Scenic Nature Documentary Film about Washington State

Meet the first scenic nature documentary series in the history of Washington State in fantastic quality. Our goal is to bring Washington State’s beauty into your homes. Enjoy fabulous, gorgeous and fascinating scenery! This movie will help you to choose the place to visit in WA, the next hike to take and explore our diverse […]

Wildlife photography different – Living Zoology and shorebirds in Costa Rica

Matej Dolinay and his wife Zuzana filmed a documentary film about nature in Costa Rica. In some situations they had to improvise. Filming and photographing of waders and other birds on the coast can be tricky because these animals are very shy. But if you manage to go into the water, you can come closer! […]

Animals Like Us : Animal Medicine – Wildlife Documentary

Like us, animals are exposed to parasites, bacteria and viruses – the germs which cause disease. How do they survive these attacks ? Recent research and observation have shown that animals use plant and insect substances to treat themselves – not only do they apply things to their skin, they actually treat themselves by feeding […]

Animals Like Us : Animal Adoption – Wildlife Documentary

Altruism, an act that bestows a benefit on the recipient while conferring a cost to the actor, is one of the central paradoxes of evolution. In the wild, where only the fittest survive, adopting other animals’ offspring is not really in line with Darwin’s theory of evolution. And yet, amongst bees, dolphins, lions and several […]

Latino Mafia.Mexicos Drug Gang war documentary film 2017

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Hackers English Documentary [SWE SUB]

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