New York City Hackers (Complete)

This documentary looks at the computer hacker community in New York City of today, its meetings and conferences, political annotations, and historically explores the roots of the original definition ‘hacking’ amongst the model train enthusiasts at MIT. Featuring: Kevin Mitnick, Eugene E.Kashpureff, Mike Hudack, Cheshire Catalyst, and “Off the Hook” radio host and 2600 editor […]

How Anything Can Be Hacked: Phreaked Out (Trailer)

Watch Episode 3 on MOTHERBOARD now! Security is fleeting, especially when it comes to the protection of our connected devices. In our three-part documentary series titled “Phreaked Out”, Motherboard meets face-to-face with today’s most talented security researchers and white hat hackers to get a firsthand schooling on the various ways to breach our most […]