Yanomami. The Most Isolated Amazon Tribe | Tribe Documentary

The Yanomami are the most isolated tribe of South America. The Yanomami areas of Brazil and Venezuela make up the largest indigenous forest territory in the world. SUBSCRIBE! ▶ http://pdoc.es/ExpressDoc DISCOVER THE WORLD ▶ http://pdoc.es/DiscoverWorld ANIMAL WORLD ▶ http://pdoc.es/Animal-World Today, the population of this Amazonian tribe totals about 32,000 individuals, but the thousands of gold […]

Golden Amazon (full documentary)

The woods are running along the Amazon due to illegal trafficking. This episode of the series examines the clandestine exploitation of certain resources of the Amazon. Along with the problems arising from the spoliation timber know fishing and illegal sale of Pirarucú, freshwater fish’s largest planet, endangered today. Seems that conquering spirit is still alive […]

The Achuar: Green Inspiration From The Amazon – Larry Lansburgh

Learn more about Larry Lansburgh here: http://www.ecospeakers.com/speakers/lansburghl.html In this video, Lansburgh, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, introduces you to his presentation on the “Dream People of the Amazon.” It is about how a small group of indigenous people, the Achuar of the Ecuadorian Amazon, came up against the money and power of multinational oil companies and […]