Canon EOS – Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center a portrait David Leeson went on assignment to shoot a documentary of the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, using the EOS 5D Mark II HD Video feature. The result is “A Portrait”, a short video study of the center and it’s dedicated staff.

Do you trust this computer? – Elon Musk – New AI documentary- recommended

Artificial Intelligence: Monster or Shangri-La? Science fiction has long anticipated the rise of machine intelligence. Today, a new generation of self-learning computers is reshaping every aspect of our lives. Incomprehensible amounts of data are being collected, interpreted, and fed back to us in a tsunami of apps, smart devices, and targeted advertisements. Virtually every industry […]

Documentary HD The Boy With Divine Powers History Channel National Geographic 2015 720p

Evolution (Idea) The History Channel (Organization) Documentary (TV Genre) History Channel The Dark Ages Complete Documentary Documental History. Thanks for watching!! Comment Anything As Ud Like!! Discovery Channel Documentary (2007) on the boy meditating in a jungle of Nepal without food or water (presently known as Maha Sambodhi Dharma. Documentary || Sex For Sale || […]

Mark Dacascos Samurai – Miyamoto Musashi Documentary – The History Channel

Samurai is a TV documentary first aired on the History Channel on March 16, 2010 The documentary follows Mark Dacascos as he travels throughout Japan, exploring the history or story of the. documentary films, documentary films english subtitles, documentary films national geographic, documentary films national geographic hd, documentary films . Samurai is a TV documentary. […]

History Channel Documentaries – “Crucifixion” – Season ’08, Episode 34

Clips pieced together from History Channel Documentaries “Crucifixion” – Season ’08, Episode 34. First Aired: Mar 23, 2008. Plot: A history of crucifixion focuses on the death of Jesus; explores the first known records of executions; and examines how people die and what eventually ends their lives during the agonizing process. Included: experiments by forensics […]