Yanomami. The Most Isolated Amazon Tribe | Tribe Documentary

The Yanomami are the most isolated tribe of South America. The Yanomami areas of Brazil and Venezuela make up the largest indigenous forest territory in the world. SUBSCRIBE! ▶ http://pdoc.es/ExpressDoc DISCOVER THE WORLD ▶ http://pdoc.es/DiscoverWorld ANIMAL WORLD ▶ http://pdoc.es/Animal-World Today, the population of this Amazonian tribe totals about 32,000 individuals, but the thousands of gold […]

Tribe hunting in the amazon jungle

▶FULL DOCUMENTARIES | http://planetdoc.tv/playlist-full-documentaries ▶ Spanish video: http://pdoc.es/tribucazando The Huaorani tribe live in the Amazonian jungles of Ecuador. They get their food hunting monkeys and other animals that are in the jungle. Experts in the life of forest plants, they have extensive knowledge of hallucinogens, medicines and poisons. Their ability to extract from the curare […]