Mission to Mercury

BepiColombo is the first ever two-spacecraft mission to Mercury. This documentary by the Science Museum, explains this mission between the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, The two satellites will go into separate orbits around Mercury. This is a unique aspect of the mission. These synchronised satellite orbits will provide scientists with […]

HUGE Eastern Black King Snake Ohio River Valley Nature Documentary

Huge Eastern black King snake. Well over 5ft long. Big & Beautiful animal.

National Geographic Documentary 2018 – King Cobra Animal Planet Documentary – Wildlife Animals

UFO Documentary 2018 National Geographic – Alien in Space Mysteries UFO Documentary Like , Comments video and Subscribe channel. Thank you. * Subscribe UFO Sightings TV : https://goo.gl/ufosightingstv * Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ufosightingstv * Twitter : https://twitter.com/ufosightingstv * Google Plus : https://goo.gl/ufosightingstv Hashtag: #NationalGeographic #NationalGeographicDocumentary #Ufodocumentary #UFOsightings #aliensighting #Science #Explore #universe #ufosightingstv

Quantum Computer in a Nutshell (Documentary)

The reservoir of possibilities offered by the fundamental laws of Nature, is the key point in the development of science and technology. Quantum computing is the next step on the road to broaden our perspective from which we currently look at the Universe. The movie shows the history of progress in this fascinating field of […]

America’s Wildest Refuge Discovering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge | Watch Documentaries

America’s Wildest Refuge Discovering the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Explore The Cosmos With Morgan Freeman(full documentary)HD

Nominated for an Academy Award, this 36-minute IMAX production offers a state of the art, computer generated journey through the universe, and tries to . xiad3. NASA astronomers announced Thursday they can now predict with certainty the next major cosmic event to affect our galaxy, sun, and solar system: the titanic . Cosmic Voyage Documentary […]

Do You TRUST This Computer? ◾️ (Artificial Intelligence) DOCUMENTARY FILM 2018

DO YOU TRUST THIS COMPUTER? DOCUMENTARIES Do you trust this computer is a 2018 American documentary film that outlines the benefits and especially the dangers of artificial intelligence. It features interviews with a range of prominent individuals relevant to AI, such as Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk and Jonathan Nolan. The film was directed by Chris […]

The History of Gold Mines documentary

Around the world and across the eons, gold stands as a symbol of power, wealth, and love. The quest for the yellow metal took men across oceans, into the depths of the Alaskan winter, and miles beneath South African earth. This is the story of the hunters of the precious metal and their methods for […]