What it’s like to be a Kusko (A wildlife documentary)

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Get out of here, robots! | WATC 376

In today’s WATC… – The forecast is plentiful dorbs. – There’s always something colder. – The documentary “Do You Trust This Computer?” and a discussion on artificial intelligence. – Buzzard! About the wild animal facility – http://carerescuetexas.com Wild Whispers ASMR – https://youtu.be/4ySxNoL6NmQ My Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/bigcatderek — Follow BigCatDerek — TWITTER – https://twitter.com/bigcatderek FACEBOOK – […]

WILDLIFE and LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY in NORWAY | VLOG from my trip to the awesome nature of Norway

Wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer travels to Norway to do landscape photography and in this behind the scenes documentary he takes your on an photography adventure to the Nordic nature. The landscapes in Norway are awesome and the light couldn’t be any better for landscape photos but there is one big challenge… Morten finds the musk […]

Wildlife Photography – Musk Oxen part 2 | Behind the scenes with wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer

In this 4K Wildlife Photography documentary photographer Morten Hilmer takes you behind the scenes when he travels to Norway to photograph the wildlife in the wild Nordic winter. Surprised by a blizzard it is hard just to find the Musk oxen, and nature photography becomes a challenge. Instagram: https://instagram.com/mortenhilmer Facebook: https://fb.com/MortenHilmer ————————————————- ••• ABOUT THIS […]

Wildlife Documentary – RILEY VS YOUTUBE!! | Day 3

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