Journey to Egypt – 4K Nature Documentary Film with the Red Sea Views and Soothing Music

Wonderful 4K Nature Documentary Film about famous, popular and sunny Egypt from www.// and is a great way to visit the place where you’ve never been, or remind yourself about the beauty of the country you’ve once visited and enjoyed! This is a wonderful film will take you on a shore of the Red […]

Scientific Fluoride Documentary – The Great Culling – No Mere Conspiracy Theory

If you have not noticed yet, governments couldn’t care less about your health, let alone your TEETH. I believe we have been genetically engineered but certainly not to require fluoride in our water, and even if it did help teeth, which it doesn’t, would you drink suntan lotion to prevent a sunburn? No. ”As of […]

Conflicts Of Nature : Conflicts In A River (Wildlife Documentary)

At the foot of Uganda’s roaring Murchison falls live two eternal enemies : the monitor and the Nile crocodile. Despite the crocodile’s reign of terror within the river, the stealthy monitor is master of the banks where it steals and devours their vulnerable eggs. The first days of the young Nile crocodile are a series […]

Gulf Documentary Aerial Photography – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Go behind-the-scenes to see how aerial photography was shot for a documentary on the Gulf of Mexico to debut February 2011. Learn how water is becoming Texas’ new “liquid gold” at

Animal planet documentary in Hindi/Urdu Africa River Wild full Story HD

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Abe Zam Zam Ke Fawaid,Fazilat and Scientific Research on Zamzam Water in Urdu| آب زم زم پر ڈاکومنیڑی

Urdu documentary on Abe Zam Zam.Significance of Zamzam water & Research of Japanese Professor Dr. Masaru Emoto. Facts, History, and Significance and benefits of Zam Zam Water in Urdu.Short Urdu Documentary on Zam Zam water.Muslim blessed water zam zam Place,old histroy and benefits in urdu.Sahi Hadees ki roshni mian abe zam zam ka faida or […]