Super Weed – Nature Documentary

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How Weed Laws Are Failing the UK: High Society

High Society is a new VICE documentary series about drugs in the UK. Weed is the UK’s favourite illegal drug. An estimated half a million people use it for medicinal purposes, and many more just to get high. But while countries around the world move to decriminalise or even fully legalise smoking and growing weed […]

The Best Documentary Ever!! – The Story Of Earth And Life

The best documentary to watch high and sober. The Earth might seem solid beneath our feet but five billion years ago there was no sign of the planet we call home. Instead there was only a new star and a cloud of dust in our solar system. Over millions of years, a series of violent […]

The Magic Weed – History Of Marijuana

Try also the excellent documentaries: The Union & Culture High: …and here on topdocumentaryfilms: …and Grass: The History of Marijuana narrated by Woody Harrelson Magic Weed : The Truth About Cannabis Sativa traces the story of the Cannabis plant, which has been known to mankind for thousands of years and how it […]